Spot Stain Removal Kit

Designed to help you maintain your white smile anywhere you go.

A perfect on the go solution.
Notice light stains trying to return ?
Notice your teeth are not as bright ?
Your smile in a need of a pick me up ?
Simply apply our amazing formula on the stain you are trying to remove for 27 minutes.

How to Use:
*Remove the mouth opener from plastic wrap. Gently squeeze it together and insert it onto both sides of our lips so the larger side of the mouth opener is on the inside. This is keep your lips and cheeks away from your teeth while whitening.
*After applying the mouth opener, look in the mirror and find a stain that you would like to whiten.
*Take the cartridge that contains the formula, open the cap. Twist the bottom clock wise, slowly until a small amount of the formula appears on top of the brush. Look in the mirror and apply the formula onto the tooth surface you would like to whiten. Make sure you cover the entire surface of the tooth. Avoid contact of formula with your gums.
Keep the formula on the tooth for 27 minutes. To remove the formula, simply rinse the tooth with water. Avoid eating or drinking anything with color for 24 hours after treatment.
Notice: You can repeat this action up to 6 times until the stain has been removed and your tooth is clear from stains and discoloration. Take 48 hour break between each application.